A downloadable game

You play as a monster hunter, armed with your bow, you will need to show skills and cold blood to overcome the most powerful monsters.

They will not leave you a chance...

Team :

Naël Evain : Game Designer / Level Designer : https://www.linkedin.com/in/nael-evain/
Arthur Favre : Programmer / Game Designer : https://www.linkedin.com/in/arthur-favre-5030b416b/

Game Controls :

ZQSD for movement
E to use your grappin
Maj to sprint
Space Bar to jump, while in air you can use a double jump

It's a game design for your studies during 2 weeks in order to learn Unreal Engine.

For the moment we have only one boss, but why not added more in the future;)

Specificity :

It's a 64 bit Window version with ZQSD commands.

 If you want to test our game on another version or with a different config. Just notice me. 

I would be happy to fix that !

Enjoy !

PS : It's a large file that's why we put the download link on the drive



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