Shifuma Runner is a variant Rock-Paper-Scissors runner.

Your mission is to hold the longest. You have the ability to change armor, each matching a different color. 

Red -> Zero's armor

Blue->Rockman's armor

Green->Shadow's armor

To beat ennemies you will have to change your armor, according of the color of the opponent.


Red > Green > Blue >

-If the ennemy is the same color as you,  you gain life.

-If his color > your color, you lose life otherwise nothing happen and you just destroy him

Controls :

You can change armor by pressing A but if you feel ready to make the best score you can use T / Y / U

T : Blue armor

Y: Green armor

U: Red armor

+ : Anytime you can press X to restart a game.

Leave your best score as a comment ;)


Download 24 MB

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